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« Saturne » Red 2010 A.O.C.  COTEAUX du LANGUEDOC  - Saint Saturnin

A delicious blend of old vine Grenache, Syrah, and Carignan which combine to produce wonderful aromas. Sweet ripe strawberry fills out with nose and palate. The mid palate is firmer with more black cherry. Good length, no oak just pure intense complex flavours. Delicious.
Food and wine pairing: Saturne is a rich and balanced wine. We recommend you to drink it with red meat with dressing, game or cheese (Fleur de sauge or Bleu d’Auvergne).

« Saturne » Red 2008 A .O.C.  COTEAUX du LANGUEDOC  - Saint Saturnin

30% Grenache, 30% Syrah, 25% Carignan, 20% Cinsault

Ageing : 18 months in tanks

Cellaring : 3 to 8 years after harvest

A light ruby red colour and rapid legs announce a fruity red wine. Aromas of black cherry, plum and peppermint are also present in the mouth, tending to evolve towards prune. With plenty of bite, well-balanced and rounded, this wine can be drunk on its own during a relaxed moment.

Food and wine pairing: share it with friends accompanied by Italian pasta Bolognese for a simple but delicious meal. Poultry will be enhanced by the freshness of this wine and ratatouille will reveal its fruitiness.

« Saturne » Red 2007 A .O.C.  COTEAUX du LANGUEDOC

Saturne is a powerful wine typically representative of the clay and limestone soil around Saint-Saturnin.

It has aromas of blackcurrant and in the mouth has typical flavours of the local soil, with notes of the garrigue and bay trees. This is an authentic wine, with a perfect balance between freshness and intensity.

Food and wine pairing: it goes well with grilled red meats as well as with meats in spicy sauces such as pepper, juniper and thyme. It is perfect with game and blue cheeses such as Roquefort.

« Saturne » Rouge 2004 A.O.C.  COTEAUX du LANGUEDOC

This red wine presents a lovely deep ruby colour with reflections of violets. The’ tears’ are bold and fine.

The nose is very intense and mineral with very ripe wild fruit aromas of blackcurrants and honey of chestnut and thyme. It has a very capturing and characteristic ‘nose’.

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« Saturne » Rouge 2003 A.O.C.  COTEAUX du LANGUEDOC 

This red wine presents a lovely purple colour with reflections of violets, with a gentle depth. It is clear and shiny and its’ ‘tears’ are long and fine.  The first nose is very intense, of ripe blackcurrants, with aromas of honey, chestnuts and thyme.  It has a very well appointed ‘nose’.

 « Saturne »  Rouge  2002  VIN DE PAYS de L’HERAULT

This red wine presents a lovely crimson colour with reflections of violets and a light depth. It is shiny and clear and its’ ‘tears’ are long and fine. The first nose expresses dark fruits with good acidity, the second nose developing more spicey aromas. These aromas are clean and pure, yet, at the same time, generous and refreshing.


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