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In the south of France , in the Languedoc , at the foot of the Larzac plateau, facing the Mediterranean at Saint Saturnin de Lucian one  finds Domaine Virgile Joly. It is a well known terroir where the climate, the soils, the vines and the people have produced great wines for many centuries.

This family team cultivate their vines organically, they respect biodynamic beliefs, respecting nature, using no weedkillers, nor any chemical or synthetic products. Great importance is given to the rhythm of nature and to the ecosystems and their diversity.

The old vines of the domaine are cultivated and picked by hand in order to produce grapes in limited quantities, with a concentration and finesse that permits the making of structured, sophisticated wines.

2000:  Virgile Joly created the domaine of 1 hectare for his tenth vinification, after having worked as a winemaker in France and Chile
001:  The vineyard increased to 4.5 hectares...

The vines are situated in the communes of St Saturnin, Jonquieres and Arboras between altitudes of 100-400 metres, at the foot of the Larzac...

Vinification et élevageThe grapes are destemmed and then vinified in the traditional way by pigeage and remontage. The temperatures are controlled several times a day and regulated in accordance with the fermentation.

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